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The pair is OSI/WAVAX

  • 1 Farmer node – 20 $OSI
  • 1 Soldier node – 90 $OSI
  • 1 Noble node – 376 $OSI
  • 1 Pharaoh node – 1,680 $OSI

Yes, currently this is set to total 15 nodes per wallet. To access more nodes, NFTs can be purchased which provide further rewards.

The reward rate varies depending on the node you own, from 180 days down to around 120 until initial investment returned (based on on launch price, so if we do a 2x it’s 2 times as quick).

  • Initially, we have a wallet dedicated to rewards and then using the 23% tax we have set 13% of that is sent to the rewards wallet, on compounding there is a 4% tax: 2% to development and 2% to rewards wallet.
  • We will reveal the new schemes in due course.

We do not charge a maintenance or hosting fee. The community will decide if we implement this in the future.

You can create a node via the dApp on our website.

The team has an allocation of 16.67%, with a linear unlock after 4 months. Team tokens will be not be sold, they will have an option to re-invest into nodes. See tokenomics