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Gain passive income
by leveraging


Financial multi-chain
yield-farming protocol

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Tiers of nodes

Osiris Farmer
Osiris Soldier
Osiris Noble
Osiris Pharoah
About us

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide rewards by exposing you to different multi-chain DeFi protocols all from within the power of a single Node.
You get to enjoy daily passive returns from blockchain nodes while we do the heavy lifting by researching and identifying enticing yield generating options.

Make Difference

Make a Node

Unbeatable yield potential

Osiris Protocol provides a yield potential with a protocol that works. It efficiently aggregates return from protocol-owned liquidity with returns from DeFi protocols across many chains to allocate rewards and yield holders.

Diversified DeFi

We invest in different DeFi projects, staking pools, NFT's and a host of other carefully curated projects. To ensure we live by our community project policy, the selected projects are published within the community for a vote before we initiate the investment protocol.

Secure the Future

We keep an eye out for bull and bear market patterns so that we can benefit from every market circumstance. There is minimal downtime to our system, it is built by veterans to secure passive income for you and your estate.